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Our listings would fetch the most reliable and legally secure properties and provide great relief to all our users through their accuracy and detail. And for any occasional maintenance such as an electrical job, a plumbing, a painting, a carpenter’s job or even procuring your monthly groceries, paying your bills, booking tickets, finding you a cab, and scores of such requirements, venkymama.com is simply at your service.In short, from helping you find and move into a new home, Venkymama will help you with a complete set of services you might ever need to settle you down comfortably and for as long as you need.

With fifteen years in the field, our founder Mr. Venkat Kumbham through his precise understanding of a gargantuan opportunity in housing, home services and property management, endeavoured to create venkymama.com as a medium for access to many services. In liaison with a highly professional software team, Mr. Venkat working relentlessly for over two years finally created this much researched app to ensure that everyone receives excellent benefit from the same. Our mission is to ensure that people easily receive whatever services they want and thus make them and keep them happy through venkymama.com .

Founder’s Messages

We believe that in today’s fast paced life, one hardly has the time to scout for even locally available services. Therefore we have created this simply brilliant app venkymama.com which is your window to all property and home services available in our state. At venkymama.com we have created an excellent network of resources to offer you a great range of services through our app.

Our exclusive and feature rich app with an outstanding interface, is the simplest tool for you to access the widest range of properties and allied services in Vijayawada. You can look for a new home, ask for a packer and mover, and get help with your electrical, wood work, plumbing, painting, repair jobs and so many other services through our app.

With distinct and a great many features, venkymama.com could go as a thoroughly helpful ally in not only gathering information but also in procuring any service for anyone in our city. We believe you will find this endeavour of ours most ingenious and very helpful, and assure you of every support from our end.